Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween. I love coming up with the perfect costume, and spending weeks constructing it, and buying candy, and carving pumpkins, and going dancing. Unfortunately this year, I did not have near enough time to even come up with a costume, let alone construct it :( So I'm going to be a pirate. Tested the costume out last night, and it seemed pretty successful despite not being home-made, which has always been a must with my sister and I. Halloween costume rules for Nicole and Tasha: costumes must be hand-made, the more obscure the character the better, and you can never repeat a costume!
I hope you guys all have fun plans for tonight!

And because I hate to make a post without an image, here's an awesome Halloween themed Wedding Inspiration Board I found! I really can not remember where I found it, but I love it! It screams Halloween while still being quite elegant!

Meghan and Stefan's Slideshow!

I just love this one! :)


Brooke and Ryan's slideshow!

First of all- I know my website's down! I'm working on getting it back up, hopefully that'll all be fixed soon!

Secondly- I'm in editing hyper-drive at the moment! I really like the way Brooke and Ryan's slideshow turned out, and wanted to share it with you!


I've been Tagged!

I've been Tagged by Amanda at Bliss Weddings!

4 Things I Did Today:

* Weighed myself- down 6 pounds! woot!
* Worked on Meghan and Stefan's wedding photos!
* Checked my favorite blogs.
* Made a smoothie.

4 Things On My To Do List:

* Edit 20 Weddings/sessions!
* Run.
* Make Halloween plans.
* Meet with my accountant.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures:

* Bad 80's movies.
* Wedding blogs... you think I'd get enough of weddings!
* Sci-fi novels
* Creating stories about strangers- I get that from my mom :)

4 Random Facts About Me:

* I was born on an air force base in Texas
* I spent my lunches senior year in high school reading anatomy and physiology books for fun
* I bake when I'm stressed. It used to be painting or playing piano, now it's baking. No wonder I've gained weight! :)
* I change my hair with my mood.

I tag:


Birdcage Beauty!

Most of you know, I just LOVE a birdcage veil! I'm working on Brooke and Ryan's slide show, and came across this image. I just love it too much not to share :)


Have you seen Stranger than Fiction?

It immediately became one of my favorite movies.
This scene, and this song, get me every time.

*warning* some serious making out at the end! :)


Annie and Jon are Married!

Annie and Jon were married last Saturday! Their ceremony was at Webster Church in Dexter, and the reception was at the beautiful Gandy Dancer. I had been looking forward to this wedding since I met Annie and Jon! They are such genuine people, and I really had a great time spending the day with them!

Finishing touches on the lovely bride.

Jon needed a wedding day hair cut!

The "reveal" :)

Of course the ladies had to watch!

Aren't the ladies beautiful?! My friend Tricia was a "groomsmaid"- Hi Tricia!

Love this.

I love a nice close-up!

Or two :)

She's such a beauty.

The church was so pretty- and the little decorative touches were so perfect!

I really love this one. The light, the expressions- it just makes me happy.

Reception details!

Annie told me her and Jon often have food fights, so they didn't think their wedding day should be any different :)

A tender first dance

And a couple more portraits to end the night.


Out of Town Notice!

Hello everyone! I will be out of town until late Tuesday night!
I will not have internet access, and will respond to any e-mails/voicemails when I get home!
I will be here for the next few days:

:) Happiness.

Thanks so much for your patience!



Sunday I got to do another session with Cameron! Last time I photographed this little cutie was in February. This time we added more family to the session!

Here's a little preview!

Cameron and dad!

I love this one- with Cameron's grandparents!

And- his other grandparents!

En Garde!

Erin and Joe are Married!

Erin and Joe were married on Saturday- at Brook Lodge in Augusta!

These two are the coolest. Seriously.

Exhibit A:

me: "Erin, if I'm careful, can I take your dress outside to photograph it?"
Erin: "Of course, Nicole, I trust you!"

Erin made these amazing welcome baskets for all of her guests staying at Brook Lodge!

I thought this was a striking photo of Erin's beautiful mother.

The bride- checking herself out!

Cello and sunflare go well together!

The ladies. Love those dresses!

The handsome men!

As further proof of how insanely cool Erin and Joe are- check this out! All I had to do was ask! :)

I think it was totally worth the risk!

The details! Erin did most everything herself! She's one talented lady!

Such a sweet first dance.

The Wolverine in me had to post a little "Hail to the Victors!" Go Blue!

And a moody image to end with.