Christina and Mike!

There will be a longer post about Christina and Mike's wedding to follow shortly, but I wanted to post this image on it's own.

I just love it.


Crystal and Daniel are Married!

Crystal and Daniel were married on Christmas Eve. It was a very pretty intimate wedding officiated by Crystal's father. When Crystal got to the church, she told me that "everything that could have gone wrong" that morning, had. However, at the end of the night she was married, having fun, and surrounded by the people she loved- I say that makes it a successful day!

I hope you like the preview!

"thank heaven for little girls".. :)

The Christmas themed details!

Daniel waits for his bride.

Singing bridesmaids.

My favorite:


They look so in love.

You can't have a Christmas Eve wedding without a Christmas tree photo!

Going up!
We had some fun in the elevator:


Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Nicole Ladonne Photography has THREE weddings this week, starting tonight, and while I will be updating my blog with photos throughout the week, officially we will be closed until Jan 5th so that I have a chance of actually seeing my friends and family this holiday season! :) Which means, if you haven't picked up album/print orders, or if you'd like to schedule a meeting... unfortunately it'll have to wait until after the New Year for the sake of my mental well being.
Thanks so much, and happy holidays!



Last time I saw this little girl she was 6 months old! Now she's nearly one, and photographing her is a whole different story!

She's still the cutest thing ever...

Like mother, like daughter :)

Morgan wanted nothing to do with this hat, so we put it on the monkey.

I love this one!


Marisa's Preview!

Saturday was Marisa's Bat Mitzvah! It was unbelievable. From the decorations, to the entertainment, to beautiful Marisa herself- it was just such an amazing celebration!

I have sooo many photos to go through, but here's a little glimpse into the evening:

The Bat Mitzvah girl!

There were so many amazing details!

The tap solo!

Mom getting down!

A tribute from her brothers:

Daddy-Daughter Dance.