More of Jessica!

I found another gem while editing. Tell me this isn't the most classically beautiful bride you've ever seen...



Today I took some shots for my beautiful cousin's senior photos. Here are a couple favorites of the day:

This one is her adorable little sister- my cousin Eliza.

Kristina and David Slide Show!

The slide show and lifepics gallery for Kristina and David's wedding are now up. The slide show is here: nicoleladonne.com/eng

(It's a long one :) )


Jessica and Ryan!

I love this couple. I did their engagement session last summer, and was really looking forward to their wedding day. It was such a beautiful day, and Jessica looked amazing. I hope you guys see this before you leave for your honeymoon! :)


Sandy and Levi

Sandy and Levi were married yesterday at a little Chapel in Shelby, MI. I did their engagement photos last summer, and it was great to get to see them again! Also, big news- Sandy is now about 2 months pregnant! Congratulations on both the marriage, and the baby!
Here are a couple photos from their wedding. I really focused on the details, they had some very cute personal touches!


Ellen and John

My good friend, and often assistant, Ellen has been with her boyfriend, John now for about 2 years. John goes into the peace corp in June to be gone for another 2 years. They realized that they have NO photos of the two of them together, so before he leaves, they asked to have a session with me. It was fun because I got to be a little more creative/artistic than usual!
Here are a couple of my favorites.


Kristina and David's first dance.

I still have hundreds of photos to go through, but I found this one today, and I had to post it because it takes my breath away.


Kristina and David!

What a wonderful wedding, and what a great couple. Jessica and I had such a good time with this one. I still have a ridiculous number of photos to go through, but for now, enjoy the preview! (Remember to click on each image for a larger version)


Phoebe and Casey's Wedding!

Phoebe and Casey Preuninger were married this past Saturday. Thank you, Ellen, for assisting! It was such a fun wedding, I don't think there was anyone who didn't have a good time!