Yesterday I did a session with baby Cameron! He was such a good boy through the whole session! I still have lots to edit, but here are a few of my favorites so far:

When I got there, Cameron was just waking up.

Such a boy :)

Cameron and Daddy.

This is Cameron's auntie Brooke, who you may recognize. Brooke was one of my brides last summer, and her wedding is featured on my site. Isn't she stunning?

I really love this one. I think it would look amazing blown up onto a canvas print ( hint to grandparents ;) )


Cameron's feet and Daddy's feet.



Marilynn said...

These photos are amazing. Thank you for capturing the essence of this precious little boy!

Stephanie C. said...

Ok, when I have kids you have to come take pictures of them, that is if I dont already have a fab camera myself. So cute!! Great Job!

Anonymous said...

What a gift from the Lord! We love you so much!!! Pat, Julie, Jonah and Claire

Erin B, said...

Coolio pictures!!!!
Love, Erin B.

Kim B. said...

Fabulous photo's of such a special little boy! Thanks for sharing.
Kim B

Peter Bang said...

he's such a cute little boy!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. What a sweet boy who was blessed to be born into one of the best families I know of! You perfectly captured sweet Cameron.