Molly and Jim are married!

Each time I shoot a wedding, I realize how blessed I am that such amazing people would choose me to document their day. Molly and Jim are such an amazing, sweet couple. Not only are they model-good-looking - they are gracious, kind, and so much in love. Their wedding was so beautiful, so classic, and yet- so very intimate.

Molly and Jim, thank you so much for choosing me to hang around you all day :). And to everyone else: here's a little peek at this fantastic event.

The florals and reception design were done by Emerald City Designs, who are so very talented. I am always impressed by the work they do.

Molly's mother reacts to seeing her beautiful daughter:

I love this one. I saw this image in my mind, and was thrilled to be able to create it.

I really like this one of the boys- I feel it fits the wedding theme so well!

These votive candles were everywhere!

This was during Molly's mom's toast:

Last dance.

Do not disturb ;)


Amy and Nathan- the Real Preview! :)

Amy is somewhat of a muse for me. Not only is she gorgeous- but we have a similar style, and I know that she trusts me- which gives me a lot of room to experiment!
Her attitude on her wedding day was amazing- she was literally screaming with glee!

I had been looking forward to this wedding since the day I met Amy, and it did not disappoint. Thank you, Amy and Nathan for letting me be a part of your wedding day!

I know it's not a very pretty place to put a dress... but I loved the lines and the light!

Amy does a happy dance when she sees her hair!

The girls. This was right after the "posed" shot.


I mean, seriously gorgeous.

The boys- looking classy!

This is Paul. Paul does a great dinosaur impression!

Nathan's pretty ridiculously good-looking, himself!

The church was lovely!

Probably my favorite of the day!

The bridal party in the last fleeting moments of sunlight.

The couple watching a toast.

First Dance.

Vegas Photo Booths!

Several of the parties we went to in Vegas had photo booths to play in. They were a big hit, and we didn't manage to get in one until Becker's party, which was a blast!
We had some catching up to do!

First up, my lovely roomie, Stevie, and I!

We had a great time hanging with Becker, so we just had to get a photo with him! If you don't know Becker's work already, you need to check it out!

My amazing mentor and new friend, Anne! (Excuse that last frame, I momentarily ran out of faces...)

And one more for good measure!


I'm back!

I'm back from Vegas! I'm tired, sick, have so much to do, but am really very thankful I went!
I will be posting lots and lots throughout the next week or so, but for now, enjoy this photo I took of my friend Stevie in the desert:


Steffi Teaser!

Steffi had her Bat Mitzvah this morning! She was very nervous before the service, but she did a great job!
Here's a little teaser until I get back from Vegas!

Amy and Nathan Teaser!

I don't have enough time to get a real preview up, but I wanted to post something from Amy and Nathan's wedding before I leave! I'll do a real preview when I get back!

I really love this shot. Amy was sooooo excited, and I really think it shows the emotion of their day.


Another teaser from Stephanie and Chad's wedding...

While working on Stephanie and Chad's wedding today, I found this beautiful image from their first dance...

I just love the moment here. So sweet.


Hello Faithful Blog Readers!

A couple of things I wanted to tell you guys about...
1- I will be heading to Las Vegas on Sunday morning for the wedding and portrait photographer international's yearly convention and trade show! I'll be back to work on the 21st, and will try to check my e-mail on my trip, but I can't guarantee quick responses... please be patient with me :)
It will be my first time in Vegas, and I'm very excited. My friend, Stevie is meeting me there, and I can't wait to see her! I have a very busy schedule planned with workshops, parties, the tradeshow- where I'll get to check out new products, and dinner with Anne Ruthmann! Of course I'm taking my camera with me, so be ready for lots of fun photos when I return!
And because posts aren't fun without photos, here's a photo I found online of where I'm staying:

(It's the Paris hotel)

2- I've begun scheduling for 2009! So if you know anyone getting married next year, tell them they should book their date early as they tend to go quickly!

3- I actually have Amy and Nathan's wedding, and Steffi's Bat Mitzvah this weekend! I plan to put up preview posts for both events before I leave, so make sure to check back this weekend for those!

4- I also wanted to plug Stevie's new Etsy store!! She's super talented! You can buy her jewelry and crafts at: www.steviegrace.etsy.com

Here's a photo of some necklaces she made:


Bosley Album!

Wow- I'm on album overload right now! I just finished up Jennie and Derek's album design, and I was really happy with how it turned out, so I thought I'd show it off!

The slideshow of their album is located here: http://www.nicoleladonne.com/bosleyalbum

A couple of my favorite spreads: