Kate and Lars are Engaged!

Kate and Lars are the coolest :) I had such a great time with them today- despite the crappy, rainy weather. I'm so excited for their wedding coming up in July!

Arcades are filled with fun light!

So cool. So hot.

Rainy day = fun umbrella shots! :)


I had the great pleasure of photographing another Celebrating Adoption session this weekend. Allow me to introduce you to- the superamazingadorable, Payton!

Seriously. How could you ever say no to this face?!

I just looove the twirling image :)

I think this image on the left is so cute- Payton and her dad have the same posture and expression in it :)



Kristin and Steven's Slideshow!

Yay! My last slideshow of 2008 is finished! When I asked Kristin if she had any ideas for what song I should use and she suggested one from a video game, I was a little skeptical... ;) But Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy is so lovely, and really matches her day! I'm thrilled with this one, and hope you all like it as well!


Meaghan and Dan are Engaged!

Meaghan and Dan are ADORABLE! I've been looking forward to their engagement session ever since they saw me in my pj's... ;)
Thank you, Meaghan and Dan for being so much fun! I can't wait for you wedding in June- it's coming up quickly!

Loove this. I can't believe I haven't used this location before!

I have a thing for pretty trees!

I'm just in love with these last few on the playground! Could they be any cuter?!


Leah Catherine!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing baby Leah! Her dad is local wedding videographer, and a new friend of mine, Jamie Honce. Leah is Jamie and his beautiful wife, Sarah's, fourth baby! Isn't she darling?!


Not so happy in this one, but still cute!

I really like this one- doesn't Jamie look like such a proud papa? :)


Coen James!

Coen is Stephanie and Chad's beautiful new baby boy! I had such a wonderful, relaxed time with them the other day- the room at the birthing center was so serene, the sunlight through the window was so warm, and Coen was just the cutest! I hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I do!

He's even cute when he cries!

This one is definitely my favorite:

And here's the slideshow I put together for them:


Introducing... Intern Rachel!

How are you enjoying your internship with Nicole Ladonne Photography? ;)
I love it! And I would say that even if she weren't the one interviewing me! I love feeling like I'm really helping out, even when I'm just doing small things like dropping off or mailing things. It's such a great opportunity to really learn about photography and just relating to people in general. It seems like all of Nicole's clients are her friends, and her photographs reflect that. I really, really admire that in her work. I'm so excited for this summer, and all of the weddings!

What are you ultimate goals in photography?
Well, I really love fashion photography. After college I'd like to work in advertising for a clothing company (hopefully somewhere warm and sunny!) doing work on shoots and post production.
I don't think I could pin myself down to one career for my whole life though, and I'd love to travel. I admire editorial work so much, it'd be amazing to do high fashion and editorial work.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is in absolutely everything. It's part of being a photographer, you start to notice everything. I think I find the most beauty in our interactions with each other; sometimes in a simple way, like holding hands, but also in more complex ways. The glimmer in his eyes when she walks down the aisle, or the son I saw today, riding on his father's shoulders holding a balloon. There's just something about it.

How do you feel when you look through a camera?
I don't know if I can explain it... I feel at home, like it gives me a place. It helps me see things I normally overlook, and capture things I might forget. It lays everything out for me and makes them more clear. I love it more than I can say.

What is a lasting impression you'd like to leave people with after meeting you?
Vivacious! I try to be very friendly and outgoing, I love talking to everyone (especially people I don't know!) and I hope that my energy, sincerity and love for life come across to people when I meet them. Sometimes I get very shy, (and nervous!) but I really hope that doesn't come across too often.

Thank you, Rachel! I'm so excited to work with you this season!


Jen and Brian's slideshow!

I found myself smiling at my computer screen while working on these photos- Jen and Brian are that fantastic of a couple!

I hope you enjoy the slideshow I put together for them!

Also, I recently discovered an amazingly beautiful song that I'd like you all to go look up right now! It's called Duet, sung by Rachel Yamagata and Ray Lamontagne. I've been a fan of Rachel's for a while now, but her newest album, Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart, is soooooo good.