I've been Tagged!

I've been Tagged by Amanda at Bliss Weddings!

4 Things I Did Today:

* Weighed myself- down 6 pounds! woot!
* Worked on Meghan and Stefan's wedding photos!
* Checked my favorite blogs.
* Made a smoothie.

4 Things On My To Do List:

* Edit 20 Weddings/sessions!
* Run.
* Make Halloween plans.
* Meet with my accountant.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures:

* Bad 80's movies.
* Wedding blogs... you think I'd get enough of weddings!
* Sci-fi novels
* Creating stories about strangers- I get that from my mom :)

4 Random Facts About Me:

* I was born on an air force base in Texas
* I spent my lunches senior year in high school reading anatomy and physiology books for fun
* I bake when I'm stressed. It used to be painting or playing piano, now it's baking. No wonder I've gained weight! :)
* I change my hair with my mood.

I tag:


ksenija said...

why are you the cutest?! how fun to learn a little bit more about you!

Robin said...

Ksenija thinks you are cute because you didn't tag her. LOL.