Nicole Ladonne... Cookies!

Check this out!

The wonderful company Aunt Holly Cookie Cutters (www.aunthollycookiecutters.com) was able to make Nicole Ladonne Photography cookie cutters! They were so great to work with, talking me through the design (originally I had the two together... not a great idea), and got them to me within days!

I had so much fun with my new cutters last night!

And... my logo, just in case you don't know it:


Miranda and Jeremy!

I had so much fun with Miranda and Jeremy on Sunday! We had so much in common, it was a blast to be around them. I went home and told my boyfriend about it, and about how cool they are, and he said, "why, because they're like us?"... Well, yeah! :) Not to mention, the love between these two was just so inspiring.
I ended up with so many favorites from the shoot, here are just a few...

Miranda makes her way over, and Jeremy does a chair dance. :)

Artsy shot of the day.

Miranda's got "the move".

This might be my favorite.


Sample Album- Morgan

I want to have a sample album of a portrait session made, so I decided to use the adorable Morgan's photos. What do you think? This is going to be a 7"x7" hard cover book.

Website Update

I have updated the featured weddings on my site- check it out! Jasmine and Chris, and Jessica and Ryan are now featured.


I make albums too!

So you can see an example of my designs, here's Sandy and Levi's album! If you're interested in having an album made, please let me know!


Christina and Mike Continued...

Here's Christina and Mike's real preview! Remember to click on each photo for a larger view.