Annette and her family!

Last Mother's Day I held a little Give-away contest, and gave away 2 family sessions to deserving mothers. This weekend I shot Annette's family!
Annette's pretty much the grandma everyone wishes they had. She is such a sweet and gracious person, and what's more- she's absolutely beautiful!

Here are a couple of images from her session! If the couple on the right looks familiar, that's because they were wedding clients of mine last year :)

They're just so cute- Annette and her husband, David.

Annette's daughter, Pam, and her husband, Keith.

And- Annette's granddaughter, Jessica with her husband, Ryan!

Just the ladies.

Last shot of the session- and I think my favorite :)


Jessica said...

They're great! I'm so glad our last shot was at Sidetrack!

Robin said...

That last shot is the best! What a great picture :)

Dustin Francis said...

I also have to agree, I really love the last shot!