Carrie and Dave are Married!

Carrie and Dave were married this Saturday in Kalamazoo! I'd been looking forward to their wedding since their fun engagement session. Carrie's a photographer, and Dave is an artist- so I knew their wedding would be beautiful!

Carrie was so happy all day!

Love the "Bride" collar on Stella!

Carrie's Aunt Nan made her dress! Didn't she do an amazing job?!

Dave's first look at Carrie. I think he looks pretty happy ;)

The bridal party being goofy.

Dave made the programs, using one of their engagement photos!

Emma was such a great flower girl!

I loved how both sets of parents were with Carrie when she was given away.

The chapel at Kalamazoo College is so beautiful!

So happy to be married!

Carrie really wanted a shot of their cool shoes!

A few reception details. Carrie made carmel apples as favors for her guests!

So I had to use one for the ring shot!

Carrie and her Grams.

A sweet first dance moment.

Carrie's Uncle drove the couple around in this sweet car!

Nicole and Greg's Slideshow!

I finished the slideshow for my friends Nicole and Greg!


A little personal update.

First off- the Big House Big Heart 5K is on Sunday! When I mention my anxiety about it, I get two different responses from people- "it's only 3 miles!" or "3 miles is like a marathon!"
It totally depends on the day for me. I was feeling strong on Wednesday, but today my run was anything but strong, and I started to get discouraged again. I guess we'll just have to see what Sunday brings me! I'll definitely update everyone after the race- I should also have a lovely photo of me all sweaty and gross crossing the finish line to post! :)
I know I'll be seeing some of you there! I hope we'll be able to find each other amidst all the craziness!

Also, as I mentioned before- my birthday was a couple of weeks ago! I totally planned on blogging about it, but was swamped with everything else going on, so I'm blogging about it now :)
On my actual birthday I had Emilie and Andrew's wedding, which the wonderful Kat Foley shot with me! Then- when I got home my sister brought over a pineapple upside-down cake! This is quite an achievement for my sister whose culinary skills are usually nonexistent. Here's the photo I took of it while everyone was singing to me (anything to lessen the attention :) )

Didn't she do a wonderful job?!

It was delicious. And I love how she put a grape in the center cause she didn't have any cherries.... :)

Then, last weekend, I took a break from weddings to celebrate my and Stevie's birthdays!Her birthday was last Wednesday- go wish her a happy birthday! Stevie flew up here on Saturday morning, and I of course immediately put her to work for our 80's party. We made these beautiful cupcakes, that I'm oh so proud of!!!

The party was totally a success! Here are a few photos from the photo booth I set up. Excuse the image quality... my flash was running out of battery power from overuse :)

First up- the birthday girls! (with our birthday wands!)

next, Kat Foley!

My sister, Tasha, came as Madonna!

And I just love this one of Stevie and Andy!

I felt so blessed on my birthday this year. It really demonstrated how amazing my friends are and that there is so much love in my life. I was so overwhelmed by the number of people who came to my party, and the birthday cards, voicemails, texts, etc I received throughout the week! The wonderful people in my life definitely make getting old a little easier!
Much love,


Molly and Robert are Engaged!

Molly and Robert came out to my neck of the woods for their engagement session 2 weeks ago. I had a good time showing them around my house, and we explored the area I've been running :)
These two were easy to photograph- they're just so happy together!

I looove these!

So cute!

Thanks, Molly and Robert for the great session! And thanks for your patience with me getting your preview to you :)

Two for One Celebrating Adoption Post!

So, I'm definitely behind on blogging! I've been doing lots of Celebrating Adoption sessions lately, and have fallen behind on posting! Since I know you moms are anxiously awaiting your photos, today I'm doing two posts in one!

First up- Jessica!
I met Jessica at a wedding last summer. Her mom calls her the Haitian Sensation- and she was lots of fun (as well as exhausting) to follow around with my camera! :)

Jessica wanted to play in the sand box, which was a great idea- until she decided to dump sand all over herself :)

I really love these of Jessica and mom!

Her favorite blanket.

Next up- Kristin's two beautiful girls. These two wanted nothing to do with the camera. It was a little bit of a struggle, but I think we did ok!