Yesterday I did a session with baby Cameron! He was such a good boy through the whole session! I still have lots to edit, but here are a few of my favorites so far:

When I got there, Cameron was just waking up.

Such a boy :)

Cameron and Daddy.

This is Cameron's auntie Brooke, who you may recognize. Brooke was one of my brides last summer, and her wedding is featured on my site. Isn't she stunning?

I really love this one. I think it would look amazing blown up onto a canvas print ( hint to grandparents ;) )


Cameron's feet and Daddy's feet.




First off- I was the high bidder on an auction for a mentoring session with Anne Ruthmann! One of my absolute favorite photographers, who I'm so thrilled to get to meet!

Not only that, but the auction was for a charity called Thirst Relief International that provides clean water to people all over the world who really need it! Please check out their site to learn more about the great things they do! I'm really honored to have been a part of such an amazing donation.

Secondly- I am completely booked with weddings for 2008! I've decided not to take any more on, as I want to be able to focus my time and energy on each of the weddings I do have booked!

And finally- I was asked to give a little review of how my new D300 performs at a wedding. Let me just say- AWESOME!
I love this camera. I had been shooting before with a D80, which is a fantastic camera- but I can't believe the difference between the two. Some of the biggest things I've found are-
1) Autofocusing is sooo much faster.
2) The difference in high ISO performance is unbelievable. With my D80, I always stayed below ISO 400- usually no higher than 320, because I couldn't handle the graininess when I went any higher. The images on ISO 400, or even up to 800 on the D300 are so sharp and clear. At Stephanie and Chad's wedding I didn't use my flash until they turned all the lights down in the reception room (and for the formals). I felt so liberated!
I would highly suggest this camera to anyone who shoots weddings. I also had just purchased a 50mm f1.4 before this wedding, and let me tell you- the combination of this camera and this lens was pretty amazing.


Stephanie and Chad are Married!

I absolutely love this couple. I left their wedding last night with a smile I still can't get rid of :)
Stephanie and Chad were married yesterday at Dunham Hills Golf Course. It was a beautiful winter themed wedding. Stephanie started out the day at Posh Salon in Milford, which, if you've never been, you need to go check it out! It's the cutest place- I was in love with all of the little details throughout the salon!

Stephanie got a little teary.

Look at those lashes!

Getting into the dress!

The guys.

The handsome groom.

The gorgeous bride.

I love the way Stephanie looks when she laughs :)

Love this ring shot!

These candles were on most of the tables. Chad made these himself out of a birch tree!

Stephanie and her dad.

The fun bridal party!

First dance.

Stephanie's mom doing the Hustle!

There were so many kids at this wedding, I have tons of cute photos of them!

A snowy portrait to end the night...


Allow me to introduce...

My boyfriend!
I got a new camera last week (a Nikon D300), and I wanted to familiarize myself with it, as I'll be using it at my wedding tomorrow! So I asked my boyfriend, Andy, to pose for me... which lasted about 2 minutes before he said "I'm done now."....
However, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got in those two minutes...

I call this, "The many faces of Andy..."


Time for another installment of...

Client Favorites!
Today's Client Favorites come from Evelyn and Brian, who were married on 7-28-07.

Evelyn says: "This is difficult! I have so many favorites. I narrowed it down to 2. The first is... (which is actually one of my second shooter's shots!)
I love the way it captures us laughing and having fun."
The second is...
I just love the background in black and white. "

Thanks, Evelyn and Brian!


Anyone else up late last night?

No matter your politics, you've got to admit this is an exciting time!

As Tim Sanders points out in Love is the Killer App, "It's not completely important what people think about you - it is, however, totally important how they feel about you."