Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween. I love coming up with the perfect costume, and spending weeks constructing it, and buying candy, and carving pumpkins, and going dancing. Unfortunately this year, I did not have near enough time to even come up with a costume, let alone construct it :( So I'm going to be a pirate. Tested the costume out last night, and it seemed pretty successful despite not being home-made, which has always been a must with my sister and I. Halloween costume rules for Nicole and Tasha: costumes must be hand-made, the more obscure the character the better, and you can never repeat a costume!
I hope you guys all have fun plans for tonight!

And because I hate to make a post without an image, here's an awesome Halloween themed Wedding Inspiration Board I found! I really can not remember where I found it, but I love it! It screams Halloween while still being quite elegant!

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Robin said...

Happy Halloween! Luke is going to be a pirate too...he was going to be an Incredible but Incredibles have hair and mommy is much too anal to sacrifice the true authenticity of a costume. :) Have fun!