2009 Availability!

I'm booking up for 2009 very quickly!

So far here are the dates I am already booked:

March 7th
April 18th
May 16th
May 24th
June 13th
June 19th-21st
July is full
August is full
Sept is full
Oct 10th
Nov 21st

I'll keep this updated until I'm full, but I only want to take 20 weddings next year, and right now I have 15! I'll be booked up soon!


Candice and Jason are Married!

Candice and Jason- what can I say about these two? Being around them makes me happy.
Candice and Jason were married this Saturday at The Tabernacle Church of God in Warren, which is where they met as kids! Both their ceremony and reception, at Barrister Gardens, were filled with navy themed details - handmade by Candice!

My favorite shot at the salon.

Candice's handsome sailor!

Loved this. So cool.

I love that they were married in the church where they met!
We got to make a stop at the Grosse Point War Memorial for a few photos!
Here are the ladies- looking sassy!

Good looking group, don't you think?

Candice is such a beauty. I really love this one.

I think this is my favorite groom's portrait I've ever taken. It's so classic.

A couple reception details. I loved the little "message in a bottle" name cards! Bells and Bliss were on hand all day, and did a great job keeping everything together!

Cake cutting! Robin got this shot!
My perspective for the after cake cutting kiss!

The Rings on a bottle!

A cute moment during their photo montage.

And of course, my favorite part of the evening- the first dance.
ooooh, pretty. I love playing off video light!

And now, for the cutest thing ever!......

Little sailor boy and girl!


More of that cute little Bea!

Beatrice is such a beautiful baby. I was very happy to see her again!

Check out those tights!

Her photogenic family!


Kelly and David's Slideshow, and The Knot!

First, the news- Gina and Trevor's wedding shot last New Year's eve by myself and the magnificent Stevie T will be published in the next issue of The Knot, Michigan. The magazine should be out sometime in the next couple of weeks, and their "Real Weddings" feature online is already up! Check it out!

Once I get the magazine, I'll post the layout for you all!

In the meantime, check out Kelly and David's wedding slideshow!


A couple things...

First off, the website's back up! Yay for technologically capable boyfriends!

Secondly, a little personal update. I have joined weight watchers. Slightly embarrassed about it, but, it's working! I finally decided to do it when one of my brides told me she lost 30 pounds before her wedding on it! I've lost 10 pounds and counting. Woo! If anyone's thinking about it, I'd definitely recommend it!

And finally, another little recommendation from your friend, the music snob :)

Brandy Carlile's The Story. Many of you have probably heard it before, but I just had to mention it. The other day when it came on the radio, I could feel every emotion in my being rising up with the urge to cry and sing along at the top of my lungs!
Hopefully, you too will see the beauty and passion in it:


Denise and Michael are Married!

Denise and Michael were married on Sunday at Pine Lake Country Club!
They are such a beautiful couple. Really, truly, beautiful inside and out. It's easy to see, just being around them what draws them together. It was such a pleasure shooting their wedding.

The lovely couple!

I just adore these next two on the couch!

Denise and Michael and their beautiful family!

Signing the Ketubah!

Their grandson is just so cute!

Making their way to the ceremony.

So happy!

The reception details were wonderful!

Denise and her mom after the ceremony :)

The first dance. So sweet!

Denise said that everyone was asking if she was excited for her wedding day, and she replied, "I get excited just knowing he's on his way home from work!" I tell ya, that's love!

Congratulations, Denise and Michael! Thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer.


Amanda and Nick!

Amanda, from Bliss Weddings asked me to do a session with her and her husband, Nick! It was so much fun spending the afternoon with them, and I'm pretty sure I wore them out with all the hiking! (I was pretty pooped myself!)

Amanda and Nick, I hope you like your preview! Thanks so much for trusting me to take these for you! :)

She brought a cathedral veil, so we had to make good use of it!

Love those pink shoes!

I really love balloons.

The have the FOX Marquee from their Engagement photos, and the Birmingham Theatre in their Wedding photos!