Erin and Joe are Married!

Erin and Joe were married on Saturday- at Brook Lodge in Augusta!

These two are the coolest. Seriously.

Exhibit A:

me: "Erin, if I'm careful, can I take your dress outside to photograph it?"
Erin: "Of course, Nicole, I trust you!"

Erin made these amazing welcome baskets for all of her guests staying at Brook Lodge!

I thought this was a striking photo of Erin's beautiful mother.

The bride- checking herself out!

Cello and sunflare go well together!

The ladies. Love those dresses!

The handsome men!

As further proof of how insanely cool Erin and Joe are- check this out! All I had to do was ask! :)

I think it was totally worth the risk!

The details! Erin did most everything herself! She's one talented lady!

Such a sweet first dance.

The Wolverine in me had to post a little "Hail to the Victors!" Go Blue!

And a moody image to end with.


Erin said...


You are amazing! We love the pictures. We are so glad you captured all the little details - it really means a lot to us. We look forward to seeing the rest!

Erin and Joe

Anonymous said...

Nicole, The pictures are fabulous. I love the fact that you captured all the wonderful special little touches that Erin did to make her wedding spectacular...I can't wait to share with my friends. Erin you are stunning and Joe you are so handsome. -Team Eckley

Julie said...

So glad we could be there! Had a great time! Still can't believe you did all of that yourself, you are amazing! Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon. The pictures all turned out wonderful :)