World Food Program.

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I'm sure many of you have heard about recent developments in the World Food Crisis. TIME has a pretty good article summarizing the history and magnitude of the problem. You can read it here.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

"Nearly half a billion people are suffering from some form of hunger; 10,000 of them die of starvation each week in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There are all too familiar severe shortages of food in the sub-Saharan Sahelian countries of Chad, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Upper Volta and Niger; also in Ethiopia, northeastern Brazil, India and Bangladesh. India alone needs 8 to 10 million tons of food this year from outside sources, or else as many as 30 million people might starve."

"You cannot have political stability based on empty stomachs and poverty," he warned. "When I see food lines in developing countries, I know that those governments are under pressure and are in danger of falling."

I don't know about you, but this has hit me hard. Friends of The World Food Program have set up a website where you may make donations to the World Food Program, which is now over $500 million under what is needed to do the work they set out doing. They have warned that they "may have to cut rations for hundreds of thousands of school children if donations don't materialize."

I don't think that this is at all acceptable. No person should go hungry. Personally, I have already set up a charitable giving account with Friends of the World Food Program, but I've decided I'd like to do more.

I'd like my business to not only be about helping myself and my clients, but I'd like to use it to make a difference. Therefore, I plan on donating all profit made on print sales for the 2008 summer season to the World Food Program.

That means, on any print order you make on instaproofs between May 2008- Aug 2008, all proceeds will go towards helping feed those in need!

So please- order that extra 8x10 for grandma! Let's work together to make a difference!

Thank you. My love and gratitude to each of you.

:: As of 6/19/08 we have raised $505 for the World Food Program! I'll let you know the total at the end of August! ::


Meghan and Stefan are Married!

Meghan and Stefan were married on Saturday!

Love this one. Ooh la la!

Meghan and her mom.

Meghan was a bundle of emotions!

Her flowers were stunning!

The reception was held at Waldenwoods, which is such a beautiful backdrop!

Pretty sunset!

I LOVE the outdoor dance floor!


Brooke and Ryan are Married!

Brooke and Ryan were married on Friday! Brooke looked amazing in her super unique dress and sophisticated birdcage veil!

I loved that when Brooke was getting her make-up done, there was a photo of her and Ryan next to her :)

Brooke's dad arranging the flowers Ryan sent to Brooke.

The card Ryan sent with the flowers.

Isn't she lovely? She's a former Miss Wayne County! How awesome is that?!

I love how the window frame mirrors the V in Brooke's bouquet!

The unity candle proved to be more complicated than expected!

I love this- there's so much love in that look.

We did bridal party shots in downtown Plymouth, and there just happened to be quite a crowd around! This little guy ran by as I was setting everyone up! I love that Brooke's watching him.

Popcorn! I love the look of these.

Everyone cheered as the couple walked by!

We stopped at 336 Main- where Ryan first told Brooke he loved her!

Elegant reception details!

They're just so cute.

Some romantic night shots:

Brooke and Ryan- you two are fantastic. Thank you so much for including me in your day!