Brooke and Ryan are Engaged!

We did Brooke and Ryan's session around their new home! I had such a great time getting to know these two. They're such a sweet couple, and I'm very excited to get to shoot their wedding!

I loved the look of all these mailboxes. This shot is a little Desperate Housewives, which I happen to have been watching lately... :)

This was a great weekend for tree blossoms!

Brooke is stunning. Seriously.

Such a pretty little schoolhouse.

Every night should be ladies night!

I love this one.

Brooke and Ryan had their first date at Cold Stone! Yum!

And this is their new house! Ignore the lack of lawn, but I loved this shot! :)

Lauren and Adam are Engaged!

Lauren and Adam were so much fun to hang out with yesterday! Not only are they super laid back, but they're photogenic to boot! Way to make my job easy, guys! :)

Adam's a lucky guy - since it was where they went on their first date, Lauren wanted to start out their session at the arcade!

dance dance!

Some romantic images...

I was going for a cheesy old movie feel...

kinda like this... :)

And by the way- giant bugs are about the worst thing I could imagine!

And to end- a couple of real pretty ones...



I have lots of stuff coming for you guys, but I can't help but post a little of what I shot this afternoon...

Allow me to introduce you to, Sammy! Anat, Sammy's owner, asked me to get some nice portraits of her.

Holy cow she's cute.

This squirrel was not happy to see us!

stop and smell the flowers :)

this one's my favorite:

"be sure to get my good side"

Nick, Anat, Sammy, and the Platypus!


Andrea and Kevin's album!

I just finished up Andrea and Kevin's album design, and wanted to share it with everyone!
If you'd like to see the whole design, you can view the slide show here: www.nicoleladonne.com/szwayaalbum

Here are a few of my favorite spreads: