In honor of Mother's Day...

It's time to announce the winner for the Mother's Day Give Away!!!

Again, the winning mother will receive: a portrait session of their family, with the sitting fee waived, 4x6's of all proofs, and an 11x14 of their choice!

The winner is..... there are two! Annette Dewey and Besty Ratliff!

I had so many beautiful stories to choose from, and it really was a ridiculously hard decision.

A little about Annette in the words of her granddaughter, Jessica:

"She is an amazing woman, mother of 2 daughters, grandmother of 4, and great-grandmother of 1. She has always been a second mother to me. When I was younger, my mom was a single mother and often had to work until 9 or 10 at night. Grandma would pick me up after school and make dinner for me and then pack my lunch for the next day. She made what could have been a lonely and difficult childhood very fulfilling."

And a little about Betsy, in the words of her friend, Brooke:

"She is an amazing and Strong woman. She is a stay at home mom, kind, compassionate and loving. She was married later in life and had her first child at age forty!!! She now has three kids under the age of three. Even though her house is extremely hectic, she ALWAYS makes you feel completely welcome even when you just stop by unannounced. She was very good friends with my sister-in-law Pamela, when Pam was pregnant with her first, Betsy was pregnant with her third... when Betsy was nervous or worried Pam would tell her that "everything was going to be ok and they would raise their babies together and get through it together." She gave birth a couple months after Pam died and even though she was (and still is) extremely heartbroken, she gets up everyday and cares for her three children."

Thank you so much for all of the nominations! I feel blessed to have heard your stories.


Here's my momma... she's gonna kill me for posting this... :)

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