Jen and Don are Engaged!

Jen and Don are the coolest, and I had a blast with them last weekend! When Jen told me they were thinking about taking some of their engagement photos on a rowboat, I got very excited. I also got a little nervous thinking about my coordination- rowing, while taking photos... I saw disaster in my future... Luckily- Don's parents happened to come along to the shoot to keep an eye on Jen and Don's cute little doggies. Big thanks to Don's dad for paddling me around in the paddle boat so I could concentrate on shooting! :) I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and enjoy the photos!

Gorgeous! The clouds and the water were so pretty!

I just love Jen's hat :)


Check out that rock! So pretty!

Thanks, Jen and Don (and Don's parents) for the great shoot!

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Sandy said...

You are so talented!