Two for One Celebrating Adoption Post!

So, I'm definitely behind on blogging! I've been doing lots of Celebrating Adoption sessions lately, and have fallen behind on posting! Since I know you moms are anxiously awaiting your photos, today I'm doing two posts in one!

First up- Jessica!
I met Jessica at a wedding last summer. Her mom calls her the Haitian Sensation- and she was lots of fun (as well as exhausting) to follow around with my camera! :)

Jessica wanted to play in the sand box, which was a great idea- until she decided to dump sand all over herself :)

I really love these of Jessica and mom!

Her favorite blanket.

Next up- Kristin's two beautiful girls. These two wanted nothing to do with the camera. It was a little bit of a struggle, but I think we did ok!


Robin said...

Wow Nicole. Beautiful shots...all three girls are so precious!

Robin said...

p.s....the sand shot is priceless!

www.katfoleyphoto.com said...

nicole, you rule. those speak volumes. lovely, very lovely.

Stevie said...

i would have never guessed that those 2 little cuties weren't diggin the camera. I think those are your best children's portraits ever! So fantastic!