My cousin Jolie!

The last time I photographed my little cousin Jolie, she was 1. Now she's 3! It seems silly that I'm a photographer, yet hardly ever get to photograph my own family. My aunt was smart though, and actually scheduled a session with me! :)

I looove these photos, and the subject is just so darn cute!

I think this one's my favorite.

We had to do some with Mickie- Jolie's big sister! These are my aunt Kalee's kids. Some of you may have met my aunt Kalee - she sometimes assists me with weddings!


Michaela said...

Mickie is awsome, she rocks! ~Mickie

Nicole Ladonne Blair said...

that's very true, Mickie is awesome!

nicole williams micheala friend said...

you should put more of micheala on your web site