Kelly and David are Married!

What can I say about these two? Kelly is Andy's second cousin (I looked it up!), and when they first hired me, it was before they even met me- and because Andy's aunt Sue told them I was the best :) They were married on Saturday, and it was such a beautiful event. They are a dream to work with- both so sweet, and they put complete trust in me! It's obvious that everyone else in the world feels the way I do about Kelly and David- as evident by the GIGANTIC bridal party of their closest friends- 9 girls and 16!!! guys!

Kelly's "something borrowed"- her sister Brady's wedding shoes.

How many bridesmaids does it take to get a bride into her dress? Well, Kelly had 9, and that seemed to work out!

So pretty.

I just love the emotion here.

They were married at Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills. It's a very pretty chapel!

I told you the bridal party was gigantic!

I love this one of the guys with David's mom!

A little alone time.

Wedding details.
And, yes, that's a Batman cuff link! David and all the groomsmen had them!

Such a pretty first dance shot.

Kelly's dad was so happy!

David and his mom danced to a song I hadn't heard before- it was extremely emotional.

Two of my other brides were at this wedding, so Robin was kind enough to get a shot of the 4 of us for me! That's Kelly, me, Kim and Adrienne!

David kept saying how night portraits had become my specialty. So when the time came for theirs, I felt I really needed to come up with something good... and I'm pretty happy with what I got!

Thank you, Kelly and David, for being so wonderful to work with!
Much love,
Your photographer and therapist ;)


Robin said...

Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful pics. Congrats Kelly and David!

Wendy Martin Photography said...

Great shots!!! I'm loving your work!! I'm a friend of Dustin's and have been checking out your pics lately- nice work!! Would love to get together for coffee and chat photo stuff if you are up for meeting a new friend! :)
Wendy Martin

Stevie said...

Wow that last shot is stunning!

Sarah said...

Nicole - that last picture is so fantastic, seriously. good to see you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Where was the reception??? Beautiful work!

Nicole Ladonne Blair said...

The reception was at Great Oaks Country Club in Rochester.