Marissa's Bat Mitzvah!

I have sooo many blog posts to make this week! First up.. Marissa's Bat Mitzvah Preview!

I coached Marissa in Forensics a couple years back, and wow, what a difference 2 years can make on a middle schooler! She grew at least a foot since I had last seen her!
Marissa's such a sweet girl- and a bundle of energy! I love that I was able to capture her special day for her.

The sign at Temple Israel.

She's such a lady!

Fun Project Runway party details at Hotel Baronette!

Candle lighting with the family

The Hora!

It was really a great party!

Marissa and her dad!

Another daddy and daughter dance :)

Congratulations, Marissa!
As well as to her parents for raising such a wonderful daughter!

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