A personal update.

Hello my faithful blog followers!
I don't usually write to much about my personal life here, but today I felt compelled to. I'll be turning a quarter of a century in two months, and while that might not be such a huge deal to most, for some reason it's really getting to me. It's not that I'm upset about getting older, it's actually a much different feeling. I feel, I guess, motivated?

I've made some decisions lately, and have really decided that 25 will be a good year for me. I've started running, and I've never ever run before. I've hated it every time I've tried it- until now. My yoga teacher tells us during our practice, that if something feels uncomfortable or hard, it's most likely something you need to be doing. So I've sucked it up, stopped concentrating on how much I hate it, and started focusing on what a good thing I'm doing for my body... and guess what?! It works! It's still hard, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm enjoying it more, and for added motivation, I've signed up to run the Big House Big Heart 5K at the end of Sept! 2 weeks after my 25th birthday! (If you want to join my team for the race, let me know! I'd love the extra company!)

I've also been on somewhat of a spiritual journey. I've been reading more (as well as listening to audiobooks while I edit your photos, which is fabulous by the way). I read (listened to ;) ) Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and I really didn't want to read this book because of all the hype surrounding it but I'm soooo glad I did. It's fabulous and informative and inspiring. Seriously, read it. I also read The Alchemist: A Fable about Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho, which is very much a long fable- where inanimate objects talk and the like, but the overall lesson in it is quite wonderful. I would definitely suggest this one as well.

Overall I am finding more peace in my life, and am more and more inspired each day to seek the things that make me happy. I guess I'm writing this because I'd really like to encourage all of you to slow your lives down a little. I know it's hard- I'm at my busiest time right now- but if we spend all of our time rushing around, doing our jobs, spending each day exactly like the day before, we are not doing anything for ourselves. Find ways to fit in a little bit of what you want to do- I'm listening to books while I work, because I don't really have the extra time to read them. I'm running with my boyfriend when he gets home from work- which allows me to spend time with him as well as work on myself. We always make excuses for ourselves- No time! Other things I should be doing! But this just creates a cycle of unhappiness, which honestly is a place I spent a lot of my time over the years. I actually for a time thought I didn't want to leave that place- and that if I left it, I might not be me anymore. But I've found that I can be me and be happy- I can be the best part of me! For now on, I've decided to be happy- and I'd love for you to do the same. 25, here I come!


Robin said...

you. go. girl.

Gina said...

I couldn't agree with you more...I have read the Alchemist and am reading Eat Pray Love right now and am loving it. It is so important to find time for yourself and doing things that make you feel relaxed and happy. For so many of us our lives are so jam packed that we feel like we are in a constant state of chaos. More is not always better and it is ok to say "No" sometimes in order to make time for ourselves. All things in life begin with you so you better take care of yourself! Thanks for being so inspirational Nicole you're awesome.

Stevie said...

I LOVE you!!!!