Maggie and Matt are Married!

Maggie and Matt were married on Saturday, and I honestly feel that their wedding was one of those events that not anyone in attendance will soon forget. It was so perfect- so beautiful, and filled with so much emotion. Maggie and Matt are such amazing people, and their family and friends are so kind, and so much fun!

Their wedding was held at the Pine Knob Mansion. It was the perfect location for this couple- it was beautiful, and had so much charm, and the layout lent itself to such a relaxing evening. Now- on to the photos!

This first one I just love. Looking at Maggie's face you can see all the excitement and emotion she felt seeing herself getting into her wedding dress.

Maggie, mom Judy and sister Beth share a moment.

Touch ups!

Maggie watches her guests fill in at the ceremony site below.

This flower girl walked partway down the aisle, and really had to think about whether she wanted to keep going.

I love this one of Maggie and her father. They both look so happy.

That same flower girl decided to wait until the bride made her entrance, and to walk down the aisle behind her... :)

It was a beautiful day!


The bride and groom stole away for a private moment after the ceremony- forgive my intrusion!

The grounds around the Mansion are so pretty!

I love working with talented second shooters. While I shot the above photo, Robin got this wonderful detail shot!

I loved the statue on the buffet table.

Amazing details. Maggie's friend did the flowers, and she did such a great job!

Matt looks so dapper here! Like James Bond :)

The best man and father of the bride gave the best wedding toasts!

I love how excited Matt's father looks here!

Maggie and Matt had a choreographed first dance! It was awesome!

I knew I wanted a photo with this guy since I arrived at the Mansion. I love how you can see the party going on beside him.

Party line!

And some sexy shadows to end the night.


Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful. Seriously one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to (and with the nicest people too). Thanks for letting me help out on their special day :)

www.katfoleyphoto.com said...

love it, i love how you caught the moment with the flower girl! you never miss!

abbyrose said...

hey nicole! great stuff - really wonderful emotion captured in these images!