Angela and Jim are married!

This was a big big weekend for me. First Nicole's wedding, and then Angela's!
Angela is Andy's cousin. Andy's whole family has been nothing but loving and welcoming to me, and I was thrilled to be able to give a little back by shooting this wedding.

Angela and Jim are a perfect couple. So happy and in love you can't help but be excited for them when they're around. The wedding was beautiful, and so well orchestrated by Ang and her mother/matron of honor, Linda.

The lovely bride.

Angela's niece Rachel was playing mad libs with her.

Everyone helping out!

Angela's mom and dad walked her down the aisle.

The beautiful Stone Chapel at St. Hugo of the Hills.

This one's for Fred.

I think this was the second of several altar kisses! Jim was so excited!


A nice portrait.

I really love this one.

Jim being a devoted husband- carrying Angela's train.

The fantastic reception details!

Cutting the cake!

There were four toasts. First up- Angela's dad, Jim.

Second- Jim's brother, and best man, John.

Next- Linda.

And finally- Angela's step dad, Fred.

First dance!

Daddy-daughter dance. It started with Angela and her dad...

and ended with Angela and her step dad.

And to end... the chicken dance!!

Angela and Jim- thank you for trusting me with your day.


Anonymous said...

Nicole, these pix of Angela and Jim are soooooo wonderful. The b/w are exquisite. I'm so impressed. TM

Robin said...

Beautiful! I think my favorite has to be the one of Angela and Jim on the bench (because I know what she was laughing about :)). Great job Nicole.