Carrie and Dave are Engaged!

Carrie and Dave are getting married in Sept! They're a soon to be husband and wife photography team, which made them super fun to shoot! It almost didn't feel like I was working (and part of the time I wasn't ;) )

I loooooove this.

This shot was a good excuse to stop for ice cream!



DavidM said...

Nicole! The photos look great :). Thanks for spending some time with us in Ann Arbor and setting up some fun shots. You're so talented! We'll see you in a couple months! :)

Dustin Francis said...

Oohhh it's like we're playing a game called, "Name that location." FUN!!! Great stuff, looks like a super fun couple!

Anonymous said...

Tooo much kissy kissy!


Stevie said...

I just love the urban feel to these photos. That one in the parking garage with the light hitting them and the shadow... superb!!!!!