Katie and Paul are engaged!

Yesterday I did an engagement session for Katie and Paul. Katie's family was a very big influence on my adolescent years- I've known Katie since she was in middle school, and it's really exciting to see her all grown up and getting married!
We did the session during my favorite time of day, and the light was soo pretty. It was a lot of fun... until we got dreadfully lost while trying to avoid mosquitoes...
Sorry guys! We did make it to our cars right before we lost all sunlight! And- we got a really good walk!

I love Katie's face in this one.

Thought I'd throw in a traditional portrait.

Love this one. Sooooo pretty.

Katie and Paul- sitting in a tree- k-i-s-s-i-n-g! :)

P.S. Guess what, Katie?! Totally got a bug bite last night.

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Stevie said...

Beautiful job Nicole! I love the shot where they are kissing in the tree.