Candice and Jason are Engaged!

I had a second engagement session on Sunday- Candice and Jason! They're having a November wedding- a week after Jason gets home from the Navy! And he leaves in a week! At least Candice can stay busy planning her wedding, and staring at these romantic photos when she misses him :)

And yes, Mom, I know I take a lot of kissing photos :)

I think this one's my favorite.

Weeping willow

We found a little playground!

Now back to the moody romantic photos...

Big tree! So cool.

Sunday seemed to be a big day for kayaking, and as Candice and Jason were posing for this shot, the people on the river could see them- but not me. They starting hooting and whistling at them, since from their vantage point, it just looked like two people making out by the river :)


Dustin Francis said...

These are 100% yumtastic!!!!!! Candice + Jason = HOTT!!!!!

Andrea & Jon Groulx said...

Wow you two look great! How exciting! What incredible shots.