New Office/Client Meeting Space!

I recently moved into a real cool loft apartment. I love it, but the best part is- there's an extra bedroom- so I now have an official home office!
I've spent a little time fixing it up, and wanted to show you guys what I've come up with.

Here's the client area.

My little office area in the corner.

Notice the candy bowl is depleting and very few people have been over yet.... :)

My pretty chandelier.

This is what's on the wall facing the couch.

And the other wall.


abby said...

very pretty - congrats!

Home offices are the best - say hello to editing in your pj's!

Jackie Blair said...

very cool- I've been getting ready to do the same thing...and is that a loveseat/sofabed from IKEA? I've been scouting out sofabeds for my office too and I think that one was on my list!

Dustin Francis said...

Oh yeah...metting area=must have! Very nice! Lovin' the prints! Rock on!

Nicole Ladonne said...

Thanks, guys!
And Jackie- it's the loveseat. I looove it :)

Stevie said...

Beautiful Beautiful! I love the images you chose! Can't wait to come over and see it in person. And Andy.. stop eating all the candy!!!!!