My other life, and why I've been so crazy lately...

As many of you are aware, on top of my more than full time photography business, I'm also a middle school theatre director!

Right now I'm assistant directing a production of Annie at East Hills middle school in Bloomfield Hills. The show goes up next week- with deaf interpreter shadow performances tuesday night, and the official show on thursday the 29th- with performances at 5pm and 7pm. If anyone's interested in coming to see an AWESOME performance of Annie, you should definitely check it out!

Now I did theatre in both middle school and high school when I was growing up, and let me tell you- this production far far exceeds anything I've ever seen at the middle school level!

Here are some photos of my fabulous kids in rehearsal!

I also painted the set! That's my NYC skyline :)

Don't you love the tennis shoes on Sandy? :) Those wont be there for the show...

"You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile!"


Robin said...

Wow! This is quite the production for middle school! I am impressed :) I, too, was involved in the theatre (plays, musicals, choir etc.) throughout high school and LOVED every minute of it. So nice to see kids at this age being exposed to the performing arts. Hope everything goes well!

jennie said...


I will try and call sometime tomorrow to set up a pick up time for our album. Hopefully we can come by for a few minutes to say hello and pick it up while we are down this weekend. We are leaving home tomorrow after Derek is home from work so we'll be in town tomorrow evening late.

Alright we'll talk soon - best wishes to you and the kids!