Molly and Jim are married!

Each time I shoot a wedding, I realize how blessed I am that such amazing people would choose me to document their day. Molly and Jim are such an amazing, sweet couple. Not only are they model-good-looking - they are gracious, kind, and so much in love. Their wedding was so beautiful, so classic, and yet- so very intimate.

Molly and Jim, thank you so much for choosing me to hang around you all day :). And to everyone else: here's a little peek at this fantastic event.

The florals and reception design were done by Emerald City Designs, who are so very talented. I am always impressed by the work they do.

Molly's mother reacts to seeing her beautiful daughter:

I love this one. I saw this image in my mind, and was thrilled to be able to create it.

I really like this one of the boys- I feel it fits the wedding theme so well!

These votive candles were everywhere!

This was during Molly's mom's toast:

Last dance.

Do not disturb ;)


Stevie said...

oh I love that last shot! Well of course I love all of them.

Molly.. you are so beautiful!

regina marie said...

hello nicole!
regina (the makeup artist) here :)
i found ya!
the photos turned out beautiful and you are right, our jobs are much easier when working with people as stunning as molly.
i look foward to seeing more!

Dustin Francis said...

Lovely photos! I just saw you and Stevie in a video on Fred Egan's blog. Check it out if you haven't already!

abby said...

hey nicole! these are gorgeous - nice work!!

love the shot of her coming down the stairs!