Hello Faithful Blog Readers!

A couple of things I wanted to tell you guys about...
1- I will be heading to Las Vegas on Sunday morning for the wedding and portrait photographer international's yearly convention and trade show! I'll be back to work on the 21st, and will try to check my e-mail on my trip, but I can't guarantee quick responses... please be patient with me :)
It will be my first time in Vegas, and I'm very excited. My friend, Stevie is meeting me there, and I can't wait to see her! I have a very busy schedule planned with workshops, parties, the tradeshow- where I'll get to check out new products, and dinner with Anne Ruthmann! Of course I'm taking my camera with me, so be ready for lots of fun photos when I return!
And because posts aren't fun without photos, here's a photo I found online of where I'm staying:

(It's the Paris hotel)

2- I've begun scheduling for 2009! So if you know anyone getting married next year, tell them they should book their date early as they tend to go quickly!

3- I actually have Amy and Nathan's wedding, and Steffi's Bat Mitzvah this weekend! I plan to put up preview posts for both events before I leave, so make sure to check back this weekend for those!

4- I also wanted to plug Stevie's new Etsy store!! She's super talented! You can buy her jewelry and crafts at: www.steviegrace.etsy.com

Here's a photo of some necklaces she made:

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