Alexis and Addam are Married!

This past Friday was such a perfect day for the beautiful wedding of Alexis and Addam! I just love this couple, and felt so so blessed to be a part of their wonderful celebration!

Alexis has superb taste! :) And the statue on the right was Alexis's wedding gift from Addam!

I just adore this photo- so beautiful! Alexis is the third generation of brides in her family to wear this garter!

She looks so regal here!

Alexis scrunches her nose so cutely when she's happy :)


The beautiful ladies.

Annnnd the guys :) This was their idea, but I will admit I think it's brilliant!

Our portrait time with Alexis and Addam couldn't have been more perfect! Look at that light!

They are truly a beautiful couple!

The sky was amazing that evening!

These next few photos of Alexis are my favorites from the day! I mean, come on, she's breathtaking!!!

I just love the Atrium at St. Johns!

Alexis's friend got up to join the band!

And to end, a late night portrait set up with the help of my assistant for the day, and Alexis's boss, Doug!

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Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

First off, I LOVE shooting at St. John's atrium room. You rocked the shots in there!!

And the light in the bride and groom portraits and those of just the bride = AMAZING!! You definitely aced that. Nicely done!!