Tracy and Jordan are Married!

Tracy and Jordan were married on Saturday in Glen Arbor, MI! I may be biased, since they are like family to me, but everything about their wedding was SO perfect! It was a whirlwind weekend of laughter, tears, love and a whole lot of fun!

I am so in love with Tracy's dress!

She is so beautiful!!!

This one takes my breath away.

Tracy and Jordan were married on the beach behind Tracy's grandfather's cabin.

Could this location be any more perfect?

The bridal party consisted of Tracy and Jordan's siblings.

Yes, I took a lot of couple's portraits at this wedding! :)

I had the photo on the right planned out at the rehearsal the day before. :)

The reception was at the Glen Lake Yacht Club. Gorgeous.

The reception details! This wedding was very do-it-yourself; with the details all designed by Tracy and Jordan, and put together by the couple and their families!

There were a lot of shutterbugs at the reception :)

And the night ended in a fantastic party!

Thank you, Tracy and Jordan, for including me in your day! I love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!


Kelly Braman Photography said...

What Beautiful images, Nicole! :)
I LOVE all of the details and the setting is gorgeous! **You are right about her dress=Love it!!

Dustin Francis said...

Looks like a fun wedding and I love the location and details...nice job!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Nicole! You captured the elegance and the fun~
Claudia wants to be a photographer now. :-)

caitlin fredericks said...

you are so talented, nicole! thank you for capturing such a beautiful day for my family :)

Alicia said...

i adore the shutterbug picture! the beach couple photos are so amazing!