Stephanie and Charles are Engaged!

Here are a few more from Stephanie and Charles's Laguna Beach Engagement session!

Stephanie and Charles- you two are awesome, and I can't wait to see you again in August!

oh ocean, i miss you already...
How cute is Stephanie on her tip toes? ;)

Cypress tree! So California.

Hi-larious. I love you two for doing this.

One of my favorites, for sure!

Sooo cute.

Thanks again, guys, for the fabulous day!


Stephanie said...

Love them Nicole! They are great! Thank you so much. Could not stop laughing at the corn heads!

Carlee Rene said...

Yay!! And you even made it down to the Flower Fields!! Yay for North County!!

Stevie said...

so so cute! Great job Nicole!