Kate and Lars are Engaged!

Kate and Lars are the coolest :) I had such a great time with them today- despite the crappy, rainy weather. I'm so excited for their wedding coming up in July!

Arcades are filled with fun light!

So cool. So hot.

Rainy day = fun umbrella shots! :)


Edward Maurer said...

Very impressive Nicole. I love the neon shots.

Wendy Martin said...

Love them! You made a craptastic day look brilliant!! Love the umbrella shots!

Rebecca said...

I absolutely love these - the one with the neon elephant in the background at the arcade is my favorite :)

ksenija said...

these are truly lovely... i adore the mood & feel throughout. :) keep on rockin girl!

Alicia said...

the pinball pete's pictures are incredible! i love it!