Introducing... Intern Rachel!

How are you enjoying your internship with Nicole Ladonne Photography? ;)
I love it! And I would say that even if she weren't the one interviewing me! I love feeling like I'm really helping out, even when I'm just doing small things like dropping off or mailing things. It's such a great opportunity to really learn about photography and just relating to people in general. It seems like all of Nicole's clients are her friends, and her photographs reflect that. I really, really admire that in her work. I'm so excited for this summer, and all of the weddings!

What are you ultimate goals in photography?
Well, I really love fashion photography. After college I'd like to work in advertising for a clothing company (hopefully somewhere warm and sunny!) doing work on shoots and post production.
I don't think I could pin myself down to one career for my whole life though, and I'd love to travel. I admire editorial work so much, it'd be amazing to do high fashion and editorial work.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is in absolutely everything. It's part of being a photographer, you start to notice everything. I think I find the most beauty in our interactions with each other; sometimes in a simple way, like holding hands, but also in more complex ways. The glimmer in his eyes when she walks down the aisle, or the son I saw today, riding on his father's shoulders holding a balloon. There's just something about it.

How do you feel when you look through a camera?
I don't know if I can explain it... I feel at home, like it gives me a place. It helps me see things I normally overlook, and capture things I might forget. It lays everything out for me and makes them more clear. I love it more than I can say.

What is a lasting impression you'd like to leave people with after meeting you?
Vivacious! I try to be very friendly and outgoing, I love talking to everyone (especially people I don't know!) and I hope that my energy, sincerity and love for life come across to people when I meet them. Sometimes I get very shy, (and nervous!) but I really hope that doesn't come across too often.

Thank you, Rachel! I'm so excited to work with you this season!

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Kari Crowe said...

nicole just wanted to stop by the blog say I had a great time meeting you at lunch at olives and wppi! I hope this year is incredible for you!!!!