Just a couple from our Vegas Desert Shoot!

I have tons of photos to go through, but since I've been getting a lot of pressure to show them off, I wanted to post a shot of each of the friends who came with me to Red Rock Canyon on Tuesday! I think we got some really great stuff in between desert snow storms! Yes, you heard me right, SNOW STORMS in the DESERT!!!?

First up, this shot was a group effort- big thanks to Dustin for bringing the pocket wizards and helping to get the lighting perfect!

Here's Stevie T!

Next up, Kat Foley! Thanks again to Dustin for climbing up that big rock to light this one just right :)

And finally, here's Dustin looking fierce! Thanks Stevie, for being my human light stand for this one!

Don't these guys make great models?!


Miranda said...


Beautiful! Looks like you had a blast!! Great images!

Presents said...

Oooh I love the desert so much.

Danielle said...

Who's that stunning red head?!


Great shots!!! Amazing!!

Cathy Crawley said...

Very nice Nicole! Isn't Dustin the sweetest guy :)

JoNa Photography said...

Great images! The first one is KILLER!

ksenija said...

i haven't had a good moment to comment on these, & i know i told you in person, but i just LOVE them! you are such a talented photographer & artist. <3