Lauren and Kyle are Engaged!

Lauren and Kyle are almost too perfect. They are so beautiful, and smart and sweet that it's just not fair to the rest of us :) These two are getting married next September, and I was very excited to shoot their wintery engagement session! Especially when they wanted to start out at the UofM baseball stadium!

Kyle's a former UofM baseball player! It was so cool getting to explore the stadium- even if it was covered in snow :)

You have to use a chain link fence when at a baseball field.

I call this next series "Two grown-up people in love on a bright purple, child's sled" :)

So cute!

Aren't they stunning?!

Rock shot!

I love this last one. So cozy in the cold!

Thanks, Lauren and Kyle for a great session!


Kyle's sister said...

What gorgeous pictures! Just beautiful =)

Robin said...

Love all of these! Wow!

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Love the shot through the chain link fence! so cute!