Au Revoir Simone

I've been digging this song by Au Revoir Simone for a little while now, and stumbled upon this pretty little video:

A couple of related tidbits about me that you may not have known:
1- If I could be anything in the world, not accounting for current skills, I would be a dancer.
2- I had my tongue pierced when I turned 21, (each milestone birthday makes me want to do something totally new) unfortunately, I had surgery when I was 22, and was not able to get it back in afterwards.


Jamie said...

Great song. I will keep it in my back pocket to use down the line.

ksenija said...

really cute song... and lovely video. :) i hope you have a happy weekend Nicole!!

Wendy Martin said...

just got this and a few others by them on itunes- thanks for the new music!