First off- I was the high bidder on an auction for a mentoring session with Anne Ruthmann! One of my absolute favorite photographers, who I'm so thrilled to get to meet!

Not only that, but the auction was for a charity called Thirst Relief International that provides clean water to people all over the world who really need it! Please check out their site to learn more about the great things they do! I'm really honored to have been a part of such an amazing donation.

Secondly- I am completely booked with weddings for 2008! I've decided not to take any more on, as I want to be able to focus my time and energy on each of the weddings I do have booked!

And finally- I was asked to give a little review of how my new D300 performs at a wedding. Let me just say- AWESOME!
I love this camera. I had been shooting before with a D80, which is a fantastic camera- but I can't believe the difference between the two. Some of the biggest things I've found are-
1) Autofocusing is sooo much faster.
2) The difference in high ISO performance is unbelievable. With my D80, I always stayed below ISO 400- usually no higher than 320, because I couldn't handle the graininess when I went any higher. The images on ISO 400, or even up to 800 on the D300 are so sharp and clear. At Stephanie and Chad's wedding I didn't use my flash until they turned all the lights down in the reception room (and for the formals). I felt so liberated!
I would highly suggest this camera to anyone who shoots weddings. I also had just purchased a 50mm f1.4 before this wedding, and let me tell you- the combination of this camera and this lens was pretty amazing.


Anonymous said...

Nicole- Congrats on winning the bidding-- I saw anne post that on her blog and I was like...Hey...I kinda know her! Anne used to live & work in MI too and she knew my mom,...so she kind-of inspired me to get started! Thanks for the D300 referral, I have been drooling over the D3 but I don't think I can afford it this year, and its no where to be found! The D300 was my next pick, I may have to go for it. Believe it or not I've been shooting with a measly D70s...the D80 came out right after I got it. Where are most of your weddings this year? I have two in ann arbor / U of M in june/may, two weekends in a row. I'm almost booked for this year too, I'm afraid I took on too much! But I still have some openings in July & Aug believe it or not. Ok, I'll stop hogging your blog space now...Oh wait, I meant to ask, where did you purchase your D300 from? And the lens?

Ed said...

Thanks for the review of the D300. I now feel inferior with my D80, but a 50mm f1.8 lens helps a great deal for the time being.