Second Shooting with Stevie T!

As a photographer, it's fantastic having friends who are also photographers! People who get excited with you over a new lens, or a great new location, and it's especially fun to have the opportunity to shoot with them. Miss Stevie T photographed Laurel and Bob's Chicago wedding with me last month, and I, in turn, was able to join her for two recent weddings! As always, I had a blast shooting with her, and I'd love to share a few of my favorite shots with you!

First up, Katerina and Ryan's Greek Orthodox wedding in Maryland!

I started the day out with Ryan and the guys while they got ready.

The church was incredible! I spent the ceremony up in the balcony which allowed for some beautiful shots!

I loved their flowers and color scheme (go blue and gold!... :) ) and the bridesmaids necklaces were all made by Katerina!

The photo on the right is one of my favorites from the whole day! I just love that tree!

Beautiful reception details.

This wedding had the best dancing I've ever seen! It was so much fun to photograph!

The following month, I joined Stevie in Florida for Danielle and Bobby's wedding! Stevie and Danielle have been friends for like, ever, and it was so fun to be a part of this wedding, as both photographers and guests!

I love this one of Danielle and her dad through the crowd :)

I had the perfect spot for close ups during the ceremony!

While Stevie was working with the guys, I got Danielle to model for me!

I just adore this image of Bobby and his grandfather holding hands!

Aren't they sweet together?

I had a great time playing with Stevie's new lensbaby!!

Stunning setting, no? :)

These are Danielle's parents- such beautiful, vibrant, and loving people!

We just had to take some sunset photos!

Candle light ftw!

Thank you, Stevie, for bringing me along!

Might I suggest hiring both of us for your wedding? :)


Stevie said...

Stunning... I loved having you with me for these weddings. My favorite shot is still the 2nd to last one lit by candle light. Love love love it!

Stephanie Chwalek said...

Ashley and Chad should hire both of you when they get married. We would have so much fun!!

Sandy said...

Nicole, these are beautiful. I'd missed your pictures! Your work is art!