Client Favorites: Jessica and Ryan!

I had posted before asking my clients to send me their favorite image or images from their wedding, and have had quite a few people respond! I plan on posting these periodically when I have down time between events.

So.. the first response came from Jessica and Ryan. These two were married on 5.28.07. She actually sent me like 5.. :) but I've picked out the two she had the most to say about. Here's what she said:

"This is one of my favorites- where I am looking over my shoulder. It looks like I am looking back at the camera, but I'm actually looking back at someone. I look so happy, it captures the excitement of the moment. I also like that it's in black and white. It lends a classic look to it that wouldn't have appeared if it were in color."

"Ok lastly... (this is too hard) I adore this one. Ryan and I are dancing and he has his eyes closed and is resting his forehead on mine. It looks like a small private moment that we are having (in front of everyone!) and you can see we are both happy. He looks relaxed, which for Ryan is rare! I also like how the lights are reflecting on us. It makes it a magical moment!"

Thanks so much, Jessica!

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