Crystal and Daniel are Married!

Crystal and Daniel were married on Christmas Eve. It was a very pretty intimate wedding officiated by Crystal's father. When Crystal got to the church, she told me that "everything that could have gone wrong" that morning, had. However, at the end of the night she was married, having fun, and surrounded by the people she loved- I say that makes it a successful day!

I hope you like the preview!

"thank heaven for little girls".. :)

The Christmas themed details!

Daniel waits for his bride.

Singing bridesmaids.

My favorite:


They look so in love.

You can't have a Christmas Eve wedding without a Christmas tree photo!

Going up!
We had some fun in the elevator:


Crystal said...

Thank you so much Nicole!!!! We LOVE them! I love that you got some cute shots of the kids too! Can't wait to see the rest :-)

Charity, Crystal's sister said...

Very nice! A few good ones from the whole evening. Excited to see the other photos you captured throughout the night.