Tara and Joe!

Tara and Joe are such a beautiful couple. I had such a great time at this wedding, I was crying the whole day! Thank you, Tara and Joe, for letting me be a part of such a wonderful event.

**Update- Stevie has posted a few more of her shots from the wedding on her blog! Go check it out!

I had the privilege of bringing Stevie, a friend and great photographer from Maryland, up to second shoot with me. This next shot is hers:

These next two are also Stevie's :) :

The bridal party chilling before the reception:

I was so touched that they used the engagement shots I took of them for their favors.


And the reaction...

Joe smashed cake in Tara's face, so Christina got him back!

Stevie and I were both fighting back tears during the father-daughter dance.


Gina said...

Where do I even begin....Nicole you and Stevie did a wonderful job. I just wanted to tell you that it means a lot to a bride to see a photographer who is truly touched by the "moments" of the day. Thank you for shooting from your heart because it shows through in every photo. I know Tara and Joe will be thrilled when they get back from their honeymoon to these amazing photos.

Jack Brown said...

It was a pleasure to work with you on this magnificent wedding. Joe and Tara will be delighted when they see your work. I have already referred two clients to you - you should be hearing from them very soon! We look forward to working with you again!
Jack Brown DJ / Entertainment

Erica said...

You ladies did a wonderful job! You both were very nice and always had a smile on your face! I know that the pictures will turn out great because the pictures were taken throughout the night. Thanks for being a part of my sisters wedding!

Judi Licavoli said...

Nicole Truly amazing. You are terrific. You really captured the couple.......

Judi said...

Our good fortune was finding you.

Christina said...

You are just great! Not only are your pictures awesome, but you were a lot of fun to spend the day with. :O)

I would love to have you take my wedding pics... now to that finding the fiance thing! ;)

Thanks again. Your special touch meant a lot to my friends and I.

Anonymous said...

Nicole these are amazing photos! I'm SO excited that you're doing our wedding and can't wait for engagement pictures:)
Congrats on an awesome site!

~Nicole W.

Nicole Ladonne Blair said...

Thanks, everyone!
This was such a wonderful wedding, and it means a lot when my work is appreciated!