Valeria and Todd!

It was so much fun photographing Valeria and Todd's wedding. Valeria is from Italy, so the food was amazing! My assistant, Jessica, and I couldn't stop talking about it!

I'm telling you, I have the best luck with clients, and Valeria and Todd are no exception. They are such a sweet and generous couple, and they made everyone feel like an important part of their celebration. They are actually having another ceremony in Italy, and I really wish I could photograph that one as well :)

Here's a little preview of their day. Please click on each photo for a larger view.

One of Jessica's shots from the ceremony.

mmm... Nutella....

The stunning bride!

The dashing groom (when he's not being goofy :) )

The first dance was a Salsa!

I don't post a lot of posed photos on my blog, but I'm making an exception for this one. Todd has 4 children, and it was very obvious throughout the day how important each of them was to both Todd and Valeria. Here's the new family!

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