Jennie and Derek Preview!

I just love this bride. I met her and her mother less than a month ago, and right away I knew we would work well together. This was a beautiful wedding, with such a loving, and LARGE family!

Flower girls stick together.

I LOVE this first dance photo!

Auntie Jennie trades kisses for candy!

And sticking with their sunset theme, I got some great sunset portraits of the happy couple!

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Jennie said...

Hey Nicole -

I LOVE the pictures!!!! I am soo excited to see the rest of them. I can't believe that they came out so well! Thank you for all of your hard work that day and in the days since. Derek and I had the best time and the pictures are so reflective of that. Also I think I found some new clients for you within my family! :) Have a wonderful day, Nicole!

Thanks again,