Phoebe & Casey Engagement Shoot

First Post, Yay!
I recently did an Engagement Shoot for Phoebe and Casey. The shoot was a lot of fun, and i think we got a lot of really nice photos! I'm excited to shoot their wedding in May.
Let me know what you think!

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Denise said...

As always, your phographs are stunning. I love how you capture the true essence of people. One day, in the not so distant future, I am going to be able to say that I knew you when you were a shy little girl who barely spoke. I think that maybe the fact that you were so quiet made you a great observer. Of course, even though it is difficult to shut you up these days (love you!), you have held that keen eye for for understanding people and their emotions. It's also part of what makes you such a wonderful friend. And even though our conversations/visits may be few and far between, I know that I can always count on you for anything, whenever. I'm so proud of all that you do--you rock!
love and miss you tons!
tell Casey and Phoebe that I said congrats, it's been a long time coming!